Wedding season is upon us and there’s nothing like learning about the latest flower trends to help get us in the mood for celebration. Here are the most popular wedding trends for this year.

Seasonal and Locally Grown

For the eco-conscious brides, seasonal and locally grown farm-fresh flowers are a must. And it doesn’t just stop at the beautiful centerpieces. Locally sourced and grown food has become a new way that couples pay their respects to their homeland.

“Messy” Bouquets

The organized, round, and neatly-packed bouquets are a thing of the past. The current trend is loose, wide bouquets that have a combination of various flowers and green branches spraying out. The organic design makes it look as if the bride just handpicked this bouquet herself in the garden — in a very chic and beautiful way of course.

Chic Centerpieces

The age of the boho-inspired Mason jar centerpieces is on its way out. Brides are starting to prefer a more sophisticated and minimal vibe for their wedding décor which includes pieces like elevated vases and textured fabrics.

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