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Types of Jasmines – Every of them has unique fragrance & beauty.


Jasmine : Flower with the best fragrance

For an intense, sweet fragrance, few flowers can compare to those on a jasmine plant (Jasminum spp.). Beautiful, fragrant flowers and ornamental leaves of jasmine are used mainly in decorative purposes.

Other than that, jasmine has application in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and for a treatment of various disorders in folk medicine.

Jasmine is also popular and widely consumed in the form of tea.

1. Mogra, Arabian Jasmine

Mogra is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweetly fragrant flowers. The flowers are also used for perfumes and for making tea.

Mogra is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweetly fragrant flowers. The flowers are also used for perfumes and for making tea.

2. Raat Ki Rani, Night Blooming Jasmine

One of the most fragrant plants we grow, Night Blooming Jasmine is an upright container plant with greenish-white flowers that emit a romantic and intoxicating fragrance at night.

3. Kunda, Downy Jasmine

Downy jasmine can be thought of as an evergreen, branching vine that can be trained as a shrub, or as a spreading, vine-like shrub.

The stems and leaves are covered with a downy pubescence that gives the plant an overall grayish-green appearance.

4. Juhi, Jasminum auriculatum

Juhi or Jasminum auriculatum flower is a beautiful flower with a very heavy gardenias type scent.

5. Parijatak, Coral Jasmine

Parijat, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, appears in several Hindu myths and is often related to the Kalpavriksha.

The flower is the official flower of the state of West Bengal, India, and for Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.

6. Andhra kamini,Orange Jasmine

Kamini flowers have an aromatic orange-like fragrance. Native to India, Kamini is a large, multi-trunked shrub, but can grow to become a small tree.

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7. Kagda

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Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

As the most romantic day of the year is slowly approaching, we have plenty of opportunities to consider new ways to make it count for our significant others. Valentine’s Day is a time when we do our best to show our love and appreciation in the most memorable way ever. This can be done in many ways, from more solid and material presents that pass the test of time, such as jewelry and more, but you can always make sure you have the right solution, such as using the universal present: flowers. Red and pink tulips are often symbols of new beginnings, making them an excellent way to start a new romance. A perfect scarlet tulip can also represent a perfect love for example. You can use a number of flowers to also smooth things over in a troubled romance as well, so it is up to you to make it happen. So what are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day?  Roses are obviously the number one choice.  But are there other options that could be sent?  Of course!  Here are some ideas:

  • Orchids

Certain tropical arrangement such as anthurium or even orchids will be reminiscent to the faraway places they come from, such as the Amazon, Hawaii and Brazil. This will help add an exotic layer to your floral mix on the big day. You can find plenty of delicate and graceful orchids in flower shops all around the world. They easily represent grace, love, beauty and luxury you can really impress with on Valentine’s Day.


  • Sunflowers

The yellow petals and wonderful open face symbolize the sun itself, with an entire bouquet symbolizing warmth, happiness, lasting love and adoration among other things. Although the flowers will be quite large, you can still make use of them in the process of preparing for what lies ahead without it becoming a problem. These are often grown in gardening conditions as we all know, but they can be used as flowers as well with a bit of imagination.


  • Gerber daisies

Daisies are often connected to innocence and fun, but the red one is a true representation of love and sweetness that you can really rely upon. You can grab a multicolored group of it to represent being thankful, loving, admiring and so much more. A pure representation of happiness given the chance, Gerber daisies will be something you can really enjoy on the big day. You can even grow them at home for gardening and landscaping purposes with the right approach.


  • Lilies

Elegant, refined and a pretty bold choice, especially if you plan on using the Mini Cala Lily, which is a gorgeous mix of purity, innocence, beauty and so much more such as the looks of the Red Peruvian Lily. The Peruvian Lily has a nice mix of heart-shaped petals with a nice hint of yellow for a romantic gesture you can really have fun with.




  • Succulents

If you happen to be a part of the women who actually bought flowers for their significant other Valentine’s Day you can easily buy succulents such as aloe, cacti, sempervivum are pretty easy to care for and lasting for months on end.



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The Hottest Wedding Trends

Wedding season is upon us and there’s nothing like learning about the latest flower trends to help get us in the mood for celebration. Here are the most popular wedding trends for this year.

Seasonal and Locally Grown

For the eco-conscious brides, seasonal and locally grown farm-fresh flowers are a must. And it doesn’t just stop at the beautiful centerpieces. Locally sourced and grown food has become a new way that couples pay their respects to their homeland.

“Messy” Bouquets

The organized, round, and neatly-packed bouquets are a thing of the past. The current trend is loose, wide bouquets that have a combination of various flowers and green branches spraying out. The organic design makes it look as if the bride just handpicked this bouquet herself in the garden — in a very chic and beautiful way of course.

Chic Centerpieces

The age of the boho-inspired Mason jar centerpieces is on its way out. Brides are starting to prefer a more sophisticated and minimal vibe for their wedding décor which includes pieces like elevated vases and textured fabrics.

Do you see a wedding in your foreseeable future? Contact us today for your free personalized consultation.

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How and Why Flowers Make You Happy….

There’s no doubt about it. Flowers can make you happy, as actual research has proven that.

Studies have been conducted to prove the effects of flowers on a person’s emotional and behavioral state, and each study was able to show just how beneficial to a person’s emotions and feelings flowers are. In fact, flowers are linked to immediate happiness of a person, and even to a person’s mood in the long run, which relates to a person’s overall satisfaction towards life. That’s why flowers are linked to alleviation of stress, lifting of a person’s current spirit, and easing away depression symptoms and anxiety.
The reason why flowers are able to do this is that it gives you a connection to nature, to something beyond your normal, fast-paced environment. Colors also make you happier through chromotherapy, which uses the powers of colors to stimulate your emotions. Now, we know the reason why flowers are considered as great gifts for any occasion.

Flowers can also make you happy because by bringing your closer on an emotional level to people around you, such as family members and friends. By smoothing out your agitation and apprehension, you feel lighter, more cheerful, and more inclined to connect with other people. Flowers help you connect in relationships by improving the feelings and communication levels among people thus making a greater contribution to a person’s life.
Have you ever wondered why flowers are used in social environments? There’s more to flower décor than acting as mere eye candy. Flowers definitely enhance an event by creating a warm, welcoming ambience among the event participants

Flowers make you happy with their natural visual healing properties both physiologically and emotionally. In fact, Bach Flower Remedies lists 38 different remedies, some of which affect emotions and concerns directly related to a person’s overall happiness and satisfaction towards life. Flowers are seen to ease inner troubles, improve a person’s ability to trust, uplift a person’s confidence and self-esteem, alleviating hopelessness and despair, and regulating emotions such as envy, fear, guilt, and jealousy, among many others. There are also certain flowers connected with nurturing, romance, and tranquillity.

Adding some flowers to your home and office has more effects than just decorative. Think of them as fragrant, visual therapy!

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